Something for everyone
  Chaperoned class trips or youth groups are welcomed! Plan your stay in our teepees, huts or camp out on the campgrounds.

Groups may use the grounds facilities, for example, the group kitchen to cook and prepare meals themselves.

Various activities, such as the playground, beach volleyball or the swimming pool, are available to keep groups busy.

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Flaeming Camping Oehna
Klassifizierung DTV - Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V.
Flaeming Camping Oehna
Am Freibad 2
14913 Niedergörsdorf / OT Oehna
Tel.: +49 (0) 33742 - 616 32
Fax: +49 (0) 33742 - 616 33
Mitglied im Deutschen Camping Club e.V.
Mitglied im Bundesverband der Campingwirtschaft in Deutschland e.V.
Mitglied im Verband der Campingwirtschaft im Land Brandenburg e.V.